The New Beginnings Program

Watch the video below to hear parents discuss their experience with participating in the New Beginnings Program and the impact it had on their children.

The New Beginnings Program helps both mothers and fathers help their children adjust following divorce or separation. Parenting can be very difficult during this time. Divorcing or separating parents may wonder

  • How do I discipline my children?
  • How do I talk to my children about their feelings?
  • How do I keep my children out of the middle of problems with my ex-partner?
  • How can we have more fun as a family? 

The New Beginnings Program gives fathers and mothers tools to answer these questions and build stronger relationships with their children. Children and parents learn how to have more fun when they spend time together. Children learn that they can talk to their parents. Family rules are clearer and misbehaviors decrease.

Research has found that children benefit in many ways when their parents go to the New Beginnings Program. Children whose parents took part in the program had fewer behavior problems, were less likely to use drugs or alcohol, got higher grades, and had higher self-esteem as compared to children whose parents did not take part in the program. These positive results occurred in the months during and immediately after the program and continued to be seen up to 15 years after the program ended. Research on the New Beginnings Program has been published in many scientific journals as well as in The New York Times, Arizona Republic, and USA Today.  

The New Beginnings Program was offered for free as part of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The program was delivered to mothers and fathers in four counties in Arizona: Maricopa, Pima, Coconino, and Yuma.  The funding to deliver the New Beginnings Program has ended, however several counties are exploring options to continue to be able to deliver the New Beginnings Program to families in their communities. 

If you are interested in the New Beginnings Program or have any questions, please call the New Beginnings team at (855)531-0851.