Why do fathers need the New Beginnings Program?

Like many fathers, you're probably worried about how your children will adjust to the changes that happen after divorce or separation. 

Although most children do not have serious problems after a divorce, some do. Common problems include acting out, poor grades, feeling sad or angry, and poor relationships with family and friends.

Divorce is difficult for fathers, too. You're probably concerned about how you can maintain a close relationship with your children and help them with day-to-day problems if you aren't able to spend much time with them. Over the long term, you might also worry about how you can stay involved with your children and have a positive impact on their lives.

Fathers and children sometimes have problems getting along following divorce. It might be hard for you to know what your children are feeling. They might talk back, break rules, and misbehave when you are together.

Research shows that when fathers have a good relationship with their children, the children adjust better after divorce. The New Beginnings Program helps fathers build strong relationships with their children by giving them tools to help their children during this adjustment period. 

How does the New Beginnings Program work?

  • Groups of 6-10 fathers meet weekly with a highly trained professional group leader
  • Separate groups for fathers and mothers
  • Free child care at all groups

You will be taught skills that will help you

  • Build stronger relationships with your children
  • Communicate more effectively with your children
  • Protect your children from being caught in the middle of arguments between you and your ex-partner
  • Use easy and effective discipline strategies 

How do fathers and children benefit from the program?

As you learn these new skills, you will

  • Have more fun with your children
  • Become more involved in your children’s lives
  • Deal with rule breaking and acting out more effectively
  • Feel better about yourself as a parent and about your ability to help your children

 And, your children will

  • Misbehave less often
  • Do better in school
  • Feel happier and less angry

What fathers say about the benefits of the New Beginnings Program.