Who is involved in this project?

This project is a partnership between the New Beginnings Program developers and the family courts and community providers in five counties in Arizona. The project is funded by the National Institute of Health and tests how long and short versions of the program help divorcing and separating families. 

Dr. Sharlene Wolchik and her colleagues first developed the New Beginnings Program in 1989. She has been doing research to test the New Beginnings Program over the past 20 years. She recently completed a study that interviewed families 15 years after the program. Dr. Wolchik is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University. She has won the Stanley Cohen award for distinguished contributions to research from the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Dr. Irwin Sandler is the principal investigator on this project. He has worked with Dr. Wolchik to develop and evaluate the New Beginnings Program. Over the past 20 years, he has conducted research on programs for divorced families and other families who have experienced stressful events. He is a Regents' Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University and has won many awards for his research with divorcing families as well as families experiencing other major life stressors.  

Dr. Sarah Jones is the project director on this study. Over the past 18 years, she has worked on the New Beginnings Program and other prevention programs for children who have experienced stressful events.


New Beginnings Program Community Partners

This project is a collaboration with family courts, community agencies across the state of Arizona, and researchers from Arizona State University.

The participating family courts are: