The New Beginnings Program (NBP) is based on research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The program was developed to strengthen parent-child relationships because the research shows that positive mother/child relationship and positive father/child relationships are critical resources for children adjusting to life during and after divorce or separation. The program addresses the aspects of divorce that cause the most problems for parent and children — difficulties in the parent/child relationship and discipline. The program also helps mothers and fathers figure out how best to keep their children from getting involved in any conflicts between themselves and their children's other parent.

Can the New Beginnings Program help strengthen parent-child relationships following divorce? 

Two studies have evaluated the effectiveness of the New Beginnings Program to help parents strengthen their relationships with their children following divorce. Both studies were conducted with mothers, and showed showed that mothers benefited by developing warmer and more affectionate relationships with their children and using more effective discipline. Research showed that strengthened parenting was directly related to better child adjustment up to six years following the divorce including: 

  • Fewer serious behavior and emotional problems
  • Higher grades
  • Less drug and alcohol use


Do both mothers and fathers benefit from programs that teach parent-child relationship skills?

The findings from many studies have shown that programs can help both mothers and fathers strengthen their relationships with their children. Although research has only demonstrated the long-term benefits of the New Beginnings Program when delivered to mothers, we believe that children will also benefit when fathers learn the skills taught in the program. Over 100 divorced and separated fathers have experienced the New Beginnings Program in the past three years and all the fathers reported positive benefits for themselves and their children. Click on the link below to hear about the experiences of fathers and mothers who have been in the New Beginnings Program.


Listen to mothers and fathers talk about their experience with the New Beginnings Program.