The New Beginnings Program study is federally funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health. The study compares two versions of the program: a 2-session version and a 10-session version. Both versions cover the same topics, but the longer version provides more opportunities to practice the skills presented in the program. Because New Beginnings is being offered as part of an evaluation of the program's effectiveness, parents can take part free of charge. 

If you agree to participate in the study, you will receive one of the two versions of the New Beginnings Program. In exchange, we ask you to

  • Agree to be placed in either the 2-session or 10-session version of the program (a computer program will randomly assign you to one or the other).
  • Participate in an evaluation of the program. The evaluation consists of three phone interviews with you as well as your children who are between the ages of 9-18.
    • Your interviews will last one hour each; the interviews with your children will last 30-40 minutes each.
    • The phone calls will occur before the start of the program and 3 and 9 months later.
    • You will be asked questions about your experiences in the program and about yourself, your family, and your children’s feelings and problems.
    • Your children will be asked questions about your family and their problems and feelings.
    • The interviews will be confidential and what you say will not be shared with anyone. A federal certificate of confidentiality protects the privacy of your interviews.
    • Parents will be paid $50 for each interview, a total of $150. Children will be paid $30 for each interview, a total of $90.